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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

While I may be a little biased, there is one other thing besides wine, that pairs great with books...

Chicago-North Romance Writers' vision of BOOKS IN BLOOM featuring a Tea Party/Fashion Show has proved to be worthy pair. When you think about it there are endless possibilities as to what you can pair good books with.

I had the pleasure of attending this event over the weekend, things you notice right away was the warm welcome from the hosts: Pamela Knight and Shannyn Schroeder. They did a great job putting this event together.


The Anatomy of a Romance

Instructor: Sherry Thomas

We kick off the weekend with a little knowledge breaking down some of the nuts and bolts of writing a romance. Now, sure there are probably a few ways to approach this, but let me just say Sherry Thomas captures your attention with the nuggets she drops. Her instructions were informative and easy to follow, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Sherry is multitalented and super supportive.

Be sure to check out Sherry Thomas' catalog. She has several titles that will sure to get your attention.


Mistress of Ceremonies

Host Extraordinaire: Shay Baby - Brown Book Series

The Tea Party/Fashion had just the right setting for some good ole fellowship and learning a bit about the featured authors. Yall the creativity was oozing in the room. To give you a brief description of this part of the event...the fashion show was to highlight the book covers...the authors pulled no punches. The creatives were on point and Shay Baby matched their energy making it a fantastic setting. Hunty, we had Tea Cup shoes to synopsis embedded into the fabric of a gown, and everything in between.

Good Food, Fun, Laughter, and Good Conversations = A Good Time Was Had By All!!!



This portion of the event is usually where the reader becomes strategic, we have our list and have checked it twice, so we know what we are missing from our shelves, and every effort is made to grab all the books to fill in the shelf gaps. The reader (me) hits every table and catalogs every upcoming adventure.

Book Nerds, did you know your Book Buddy Journals can prevent you from purchasing books already on your shelf? Awesome!!

A few clips from the book signing. We also have Sherry Thomas and Shay Baby holding court. I can't wait to check out Sherry Thomas' Lady Sherlock Series.

A few clips from the book signing. We also have Sherry Thomas and Shay Baby holding court. I can't wait to check out Sherry Thomas' Lady Sherlock Series.S

Love Sweet Arrow was there to get you checked out expeditiously 😜😉😂

It is always a treat when I find these event treasures in the Chicagoland area.

Thank you Chicago North Writers, Shay, Brown Book Series, and Sherry Thomas for an enjoyable weekend!

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Shay Baby
Shay Baby
Apr 18, 2023

AAAAAYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!! I was so glad you were there with me. I had so much fun and cannot wait until Chicago Spring Fling next year. I echo your sentiments that Pamala and Shannyn did an awesome job!

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