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When an angry text is sent to the wrong person turns into a rewarding relationship.




Publisher ‏ : ‎Elle Writes Books LLC

Publication date ‏ : ‎ June 9, 2023

Genre: Black and African American Romance

Have you ever received the wrong text from the right person?

One thing about me? I don’t play games. Another thing about me? I don’t waste time.

I’ve built my reputation by treating my patients, my students, and my colleagues with respect.

In my role as Mr. Black Detroit, my focus is supporting my community and planning the city’s annual Juneteenth celebration.

Again, my time is valuable. I should’ve ignored the text. But… There’s something about Daphne that makes me want to engage. Maybe it’s the way she commands a room and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Or maybe it’s the glimpse of vulnerability in her eyes. It’s probably just her. Whatever it is in the beginning quickly morphs into something else entirely, though.

Soon, I can’t get enough of her. But can I convince her to take a chance on me?

In the Baes of Juneteenth multi-author series, we invite you to journey to different cities to celebrate Juneteenth with the men of Mr. Black, an organization honoring Black love, Black culture, and Black history.


Nero Bond, aka Dr. Bond, hails from a legacy of kings that have protected the community for a long time. Respected for his profession and the streets of Detroit, whether sporting a suit and tie or hoodie and gym shoes, Dr. Bond is down for whatever.

The community has chosen well with Nero as their Mr. Black representative, and his students absorb the knowledge he gives in and out of the classroom. Taking notice of the people in the community, he sees the gap in education and the services for healthcare.

Now, finding that person that takes care of him is where things get interesting...Daphne’s consumed with a personal crisis that has sparks flying. When the source of that rage gets misdirected, a simple apology turns into a soul-binding connection.

In Mr. Down for Whatever, you get a delightful story of the importance of family, the responsibility of community engagement, and taking care of health issues. When you know better, you can do better. This is what their Juneteenth celebration was all about.

The author introduces us to new characters with a maturity you are instantly drawn to, and a name drop that makes you scoot to the edge of your seat. A great addition to this Bae of Juneteenth collection.

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