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Happy Monday VIPs!

It is T-3 til Book Euphoria’s Block Party Extravaganza!! By now you’ve met the Distinguished Gentlemen on the Auction Block.  Momma Peaches is pulling out all stops and determine to save SouthLake Park.

This is will bring back some fond memories of my growing up. Our block club parties were always held just before school was due to start.  It was a community and family affair.  The biggest treat of all was getting to break a few rules.  Things like being able to play in the street and the fire hydrant turned on so we could play in the water.  There was entertainment, performances that were rehearsed all summer. The eating was plentiful.

Now this one is about saving the town, but the element of community and family is still very much present. You can imagine everyone who grew up there or still living on the block or neighborhood will be invited.  One thing for sure, SouthLake current condition is no barring on the success that came from it foundation.  Many successful fruits came from its trees;

Meet the committee and some of its labor of love.  They will be working under the direction of Momma Peaches.

If you have ever had the opportunity to be in the presence of Momma Peaches, you know she is no-nonsense, loving and always have your back, so when she ask for something you don’t say no.

Phyllis Borne and Christina C.Jones are amongst those that received that phone call. They were asked to come and support this function.  They will be on hand to fill in where needed and share their talents.

If you’re in attendance that means you too received a call and like the rest of us didn’t hesitate to request time off work to be a part of this community and family event!

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