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Women of Park Manor


Looks like queens behind Rose Gold Press will be a force to be reckon with.  They are kicking off 2020 with a collaboration “The Women of Park Manor”!  All available for pre-order now.

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Slylar Johnson has lived her life defying the odds. Following in her father’s footsteps, she finally lands a job as an FBI agent and moves from her small Alabama hometown to Santa Monica for training. Even better, she snags the last loft in swanky, Park Manor. She’s excited for her first day on the job … until she runs into her trainer, Special Agent Hawks. She’s determined to show Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous her skills, but quickly learns he can’t stand her. When he starts barking orders, she isn’t sure if she should give the hunk a piece of her mind or give him a piece of her.

Special FBI Agent Kareem Hawks loves his job. He’s known to his peers as the heartless trainer, so when he’s assigned to be Skylar’s commanding officer, he’s determined to find a way to get her off his team. The beauty with a backside shaped like a Golden Globe should be illegal. In his eyes, she’s not cut out for this line of work. She’s everything he’s sworn to stay away from and he learned long ago that work and relationships don’t mix. But knowing and doing are two different things.

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Letting go is simple, right? Wrong! Especially for earthy shop owner, Teegan Royal. Her Santa Monica neighborhood is not what it used to be. Her dwelling isn’t either. The sprawling complex, Park Manor, ushered in unwelcome change for her and introduced her to Kevin Chambers, a fine but progressive-minded know it all she’d much rather not encounter.

Litigation lawyer, Kevin Chambers, can get corporations and people to settle all of the time, but his persuasive tactics haven’t been working on a bohemian styled, but sexy Teegan when it comes to helping her embrace change.

Teegan needs Kevin to see beyond the bottom line, and Kevin wants Teegan to go with the flow, but in the mix of things, will they find out just how essential they are to each other?

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Sex therapist, Paityn Young, couldn’t get much sex in her city. So she developed her own line of naughty toys to get the job done. Now, she’s bringing her talent to LA, hoping to launch her new company. Only her new business consultant has her thinking about more than just her product line.

As a favor to his boss, Bishop Lang agrees to help Paityn develop her new business. The only thing he knows about her is that she’s off limits, but the moment he sees her, he realizes staying away might be harder than he thought. And his own personal journey may take a backseat to the blossoming relationship developing between them.

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Burgundy Anderson has always loved helping people. So naturally, there’s nothing this Leasing Manager wouldn’t do for the Santa Monica residents of Park Manor. Problem is, this workaholic needs a life outside of the lavish establishment and if she’s going to leave her mark in the world, she’ll need to figure out her next step with no distractions. Insert Kane Brooks, otherwise known as, the delicious distraction determined to make his presence known.

Landscape Artist Kane Brooks is a glass half full type of man. Things happen for a reason and when he runs across the sassy woman with a cause, he’s knows the stars have aligned, leading his thoughts straight to the bedroom. Their kisses are as sexy as she is, but he can’t seem to get her to sit still long enough for a repeat performance. When fate gives him a second chance, he snatches at the opportunity. She may think she can run, but he’s always considered himself a track star.

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After kissing one frog too many, Kathi Norris is content to remain unattached. But her well-ordered plans are turned upside down the moment she meets Eric Dawson. The skillful attorney by day and soulful musician by night, fires her up in more ways than one. The closer she gets to him, the more she realizes he’s her prince charming …if he can let go of his past.

Eric risked his heart, only to see his world shattered by tragedy and betrayal. He’s spent years running from relationships, but with Kathi’s tender embrace and sultry kisses, Eric finds her hard to resist. He’ll have to come to terms with his deepest hurts to win her trust and claim a love that promises forever.

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