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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What are the chances of anything good coming out of catching your boyfriend cheating and having it go viral on social media?

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This book has “THAT COVER” to draw you to the book, but it is the story that keeps you turning the pages.

When Samiah, London and Taylor are trying to check off the boxes of their professional and personal portfolio, they are caught up in a dating triangle. You would think that being duped by the same guy and having it go viral on social media, these women would want to crawl under a rock and never to be in the public eye. Unfortunately, this is not possible for either of these strong, intelligent and independent women.

What I loved most about this one is the way these women maintained their dignity, becoming the best of friends as well as each other’s support system. A pack was made to hold the other accountable for their own success and happiness, leaving the male component out of the equation. Samiah wasn’t ready to be blindsided by Daniel, the sexy geeky agent, but he was certainly a nice addition bringing mystery, and the heat whenever he and Samiah were near each other.

Don’t just stop at the cover, this treasure has a lot to offer; funny, sexiness, romance and touch of mystery. The author ends this with what I hope is a segue into more with Taylor and London.

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