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If you haven't had a chance to take in one of the 5 books of the Cordoba Agency series, I have to say you are missing out. I did a reread binge, which is a great way to read a series if you have the time.

If you are a fan of The Will Roby Series by David Balducci or Atlanta's Finest by Sharon C. Cooper, you must add these to your shelf.

Each of the agents is skilled in their own way and made for a great experience. They gave us as much sexiness and sensuality as they did action. All originally started with a clandestine organization "Plan B" as a way of reform and became the best of the best.

Cruz Cordoba kicks us off with a suspenseful assignment that leads to an action-packed adventure that keeps you reeling in what is to happen next. As a reader when you are caught up in a book with suspenseful elements you are drawn to figuring out the mystery, as was the case in this series. The author did a great job of keeping the reader engaged and there were many scenes I thought would go another way and was intrigued by the way it evolved.

In Book #1 (Until Now) you get a good feel for Cruz Cordoba and his character. He is serious and good at what he does, but if he makes a promise, rest assured he is going to keep it. His next assignment turns out to be a little more than what he expected, Shaunice is the target; extract information about an unexplained death of a missing person. First, hurdle...looks like they are searching for the same information.

In a series of action-packed events, this couple finds themselves in a fight to save their lives. Until Now is a well-written story with great character development that keeps vested in this series. I should warn you there is a cliffhanger, but if you are just jumping on this adventure, make sure you grab the next one, you will thank me later.

In Book #2 (Until Death) we see a softer side of Cruz Cordoba, one that is life-changing for him, and the lengths he will go to to keep his promises.

He and Shanice were a good fit, she had some mysterious characteristics that complimented perfectly with Cruz. The mission should have been simple for Cruz, piece a cake as one would say, but when matters of the heart got involved there was a complication neither of them anticipated. I must say this unexpected teamwork made the mission come to life.

Delaney Diamond does an excellent job of engaging the reader to keep us coming back for more. If you like your romantic suspense action pack...this one is for you.

In Book #3 (Heart Stealer) Katherine Stallworth and Raheem Miller are the stars of this one. These two have a past of unfinished business, when they met the timing and circumstances weren't right then or now, but when Katherine finds herself in a life-or-death situation, she calls the only other person she can trust.

It doesn't take long to catch the attraction with these two, but Raheem the professional, insists on keeping this mission strictly business...can they see the mission until the end before either of them slips? You'll have to read the book to get the details.

What I loved most about this book is the edge-of-your-seat action and the couple; this older woman, and younger man trope complimented this mission. I enjoyed Katherine and Raheem's journey back to love.

In Book #4 (Almost Perfect) Sable Devereaux and Hunter Miller take us by surprise with this mission. Hunter has finally taken some for a personal project when Sable comes crashing into his space and changes the trajectory of his plans.

He is not buying her story and catches on to her suspicious behavior. She does think she can trust him, but wonders if he is her only choice. Eventually, his protective nature takes over and he emerges in her world and helps. I loved the banter between these two.

This gave me all the feels of a James Bond flick: being abroad, man and woman working together, and rare artifacts. The actions grab you right away but the burning romance keeps you glued to the pages.

Book #5 (Forever Again) is a second chance at love for Alissa Francis and Hossam Jalal. Misunderstanding is what kept them apart, but Hossam has made the decision that it ends now. But will his heart remain in a state of unrest? Alissa, I am sure you know by now, is not the type to just fall in line with what someone else thinks.

After some intense missions, Alissa finally gets to go back to the islands, her home to do some much needed reflection. Just when she starts to unwind, what should have been a simple and relaxing outing turns deadly. Now she is on high alert.

Hossam has time to think about what he wants the rest of his life to look like and that includes Alissa. He knows it is in his best interest to correct a mistake he made too long ago. Love is forgiven...?

As this story progress tension rises with a series of events on the island and with Alissa and Hossam. This mission bring clarity and closure for Alissa, but what will it mean for her and Hossam? The story answers all.

There is action and romance to keep you turning the pages. You really can't go wrong with either of the books in this series, but if you want an adventure I recommend reading all of them.



My Book & Booze Crew; here is a suggested drink pair ISO­LA DEL MARE, which means "island of the sea" in Italian and as you are sipping this wine you can envision traveling to the island of Capri and taking in the cultures. When I think of Italian wines I drift to thinking of family gatherings with the wine decanter filled with red wine and lots of love, laughter, and memories.

Your palate is rewarded with plum, cherries, spices, and on the back end, are the tannins and hints of leather. All of them come together nicely with a medium finish. The wine experience was that of a smooth well-balanced bodied drink.

As I took in The Cordoba Series, I felt this was the perfect pair to transport me to those faraway places where I could indulge into the missions at hand. This wine could enhance any good book or hearty meals, but since it Italian wine I recommend going with a food with tomato base sauces.

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