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If you've ever had a reading experience with a Iris Bolling book, you know this author doesn't waste words. She not only writes in such a way that you are entertained, but if you are brave enough to open your mind, what you get is soo much more and nuggets that will stay with you long after you have read the last page.


Standalone: Yes

Publisher: Siri Austin Entertainment LLC

Publication Date: October 2, 2018

Genre: African American Romance Fiction, Romantic Suspense

When investigative reporter, Rachel Fontaine stumbles into a story involving judges, our so called pillars of society, she has no idea it would lead to the discovery of modern day slavery or murder. Raised with the in-depth sense of justice, and the desire to expose the wrongs of the world, Rachel sets out to find the truth behind the incarceration of young men of color.

Wade Tyson, of the Tyson Communication family, has no idea what he is walking into when he takes over as News Producer for Tyson Broadcasting. From his first encounter with the mouthy, opinionated, Rachel Fontaine, his life will be forever changed. Armed with no boundaries in seeking the truth, he listens to her theory of un-explainable sentencing practices of certain judges and finds himself the victim of an attempted murder.

Pushing aside the sexual tension, his crazy brothers, and her ever questioning father, Wade and Rachel dig deeper into her theory, eventually uncovering a conspiracy that neither realize how wide or far up the political power chain it lives.

The P.I.E. infiltration begins……


My Thoughts...

This Thought-provoking story was filled with everything you come to expect from an Iris Bolling novel; Romance, Family, Suspense…. Death. The characters were well developed making you fall in love with them right away. The storyline kept you on edge, making It difficult to put this one down.

Rachel Fontaine is determined to make her mark in this journalism industry and has the means to plow you down. She is one of the elites on her team, but the station gets caught up in what they think will boost rating…apparently not a plus size women. Well that way of thinking gets squashed when the announcement of the new man in charge…Wade Tyson.

The first meet is filled with all kinds of sparks between the two and you couldn’t help but laugh when Wade tries to keep it professional. Well Rachel is definitely the spice to Wade’s sauce and she handles him with her in your face seduction. I found myself on an emotional roller coaster; I am in a good groove with them singing and debating over music trivia and BAM shit gets real. A grave mistake is made and it takes them behind enemy lines to uncover secrets that will make anyone become outraged!!! There is no denying the family dynamic with the Tyson brothers and Fontaine sisters portraying a strong protective bond and you get to see the lengths they’re willing to go to protect one another.

This was a great read, but you don’t walk away from this one unscathed. Your emotions and mind are tested.

Looking forward to seeing more of Nate Reign, Tyson and Fontaine families.


My Thoughts...


Apothic Crush brings together red fruit characteristics of ripe berry and raspberry jam with intricate notes of soft caramel in this luscious wine.



COST: $10-12

On the pour you will notice a deep purple color almost like light wouldn't be able to shine through. The nose will pick up those deep berries aroma with hints of mocha and licorice. The Apothic Crush taste of black cherry, mocha and a bit of jam. The tannins are present, but finish was smooth.

This was a great wine and just like the book trying it for the first time you are not sure what to expect, but pleased you did. I recommend Apothic Crush and News with Curves for your next adventure.

Enjoy and sip responsibly.

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18 abr 2021

Thank you for your insight into News With Curves. Nate and Rachel is one of my favorite couples and you will hear from them again.

Me gusta

Denise Stokes
Denise Stokes
18 abr 2021

This is a must read story. Thought provoking. Funny. The chemistry between Wade & Rachel is Explosive.

Me gusta
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