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Stand-Alone: Yes

Publisher: Rose Gold Press

Publication Date: October 29, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Short Stories, AA Romance

Hate to Love You by: Kelsey Green, Sabrina B. Scales,

Candice Johnson, and Kimmie Ferrell

There's a thin line between love and hate... Or is it?

Rose Gold Press is excited to bring you a collection of four short, page-turning love stories. From sweet and heartwarming moments to hot and steamy love scenes, the unforgettable characters in this collection are bringing you a little sweet, dipped in a whole lot of sexy.


Hate to Love You is the perfect sampling of a few flavors of romance/courtships. Stella Rosa Blueberry complimented these short stories.

Each author brought their own uniqueness to these courtships. Hot; Sensual; Funny; Emotional; Friends; Enemies?

Which are you a fan of?

Each one of these short stories brought enough punch to engage you in their situations.

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The Art of Love by Kelsey Green

All it took was one night to bring Peyton back into Hasani's life. But with passion, lust and revelations seeping from every blurry memory, Hasani will have to do her best to remember how it all fits together. For the art of love is painted in the details.

This quick read captures you at the very beginning. I loved Peyton and Hasani's journey with familiar chemistry starting with a friendship, which made them hesitant to cross the line. We all know a night of too much drinking can uncover things that one might want to keep locked up, but I think in this case it just what was needed to set them on the right path.

I thought it was great how they bond over their love for the Arts. This one had a host of secondary characters that enhance this story and I would love to see them again.

Stuck With You by Kimmie Ferrell

Landon only has ten days to show Gianna he’s not the man she thinks he is. But the uphill battle to win her heart is not easy. As the two rival event planners work to pull off the wedding of the century, they realize sometimes the best kind of love is unplanned.

Landon and Gianna's sparks were snuff before it had a chance to ignite. Their budding relationship came to an abrupt halt when London left Gianna in a lion's den to deal with his mother and endure cut Gianna down to a numb.

It took years of taunting and being thrown together to work as partners to plan an event that would highlight both businesses to put these two on common ground. I was glad these two finally had the much need conversation to clear the air.

Would love to know what happens next for these two.

Uber Intentions by Candice Johnson

Laken’s debut novel is poised to blow up every book list. But author Knight’s poisonous pen - and plagiarism lawsuit - threatens her potential best-selling title. Not only are they former secret friends with benefits, but they're essentially telling the same story. Will Knight and Laken remain enemies? Or will they reconcile… via Uber?

Uber Intentions started off with enough heat to burn the pages and drama to land Laken and Knight in the courtroom.

When they both decide to pen an exotic experience it forces them to deal with their feelings and threatens their secret hookups revealed. I loved the chemistry of Laken and Knight and celebrated the way they ended up.

Restored by Sabrina B. Scales

Ten years after their bad break-up, Deja and Orlando are forced to spend time together. As expected, tensions are high and it’s impossible to imagine reconciliation after such a long rift. Will Lando and Deja be able to restore what was lost or will they continue down two paths leading in opposite directions?

Restored is the perfect title for Deja and Orlando's situation. In this short story, the author did a great job of presenting the riff between the couple and their journey to reconciliation. As well as tackle a few family dysfunctions.

Deja was prepared to fight this at every turn, but an over the top birthday party forces them to deal with what landed them on the outs many years prior. Additional highlights in this were DJ and Markie, particularly Markie made for great secondary characters that moved this story along.


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