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Claimed by a Steele Review

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Thank you, Brenda Jackson, for giving us another awesome family of alpha males and the feisty women that claim them!   I invite you to take a journey with Gannon and Delphine!

Claimed by a Steele

New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson brings you a brand-new story in the Forged of Steele series. Perfect for fans of the popular Westmoreland series and readers of passionate contemporary romances!

This Steele man is always in the driver’s seat… But is this playboy ready for the wildest ride of his life?

Agreeing a PR stunt would be good for business, trucking CEO Gannon Steele invites reporter Delphine Ryland to hitch a ride cross-country. Soon, he’s keeping his eyes on his sexy passenger instead of on the destination ahead, and when the trip turns from strictly business to strictly pleasure, the consequences might be more than this rough-and-ready bachelor can handle…


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As we close another series of an adored family by Brenda Jackson, it is with bittersweet emotions. Gannon Steele is the last of the “Bad News Steeles” as he and his brothers were so affectionately are known and trust it is not without reason.

A ten-year plan and a sexy freelance journalist is what this Bad News Steele will have to contend with. Is he up for the challenge or will an interview and a road trip be his undoing?

Gannon and Delphine were a great couple to wrap up the Phoenix Steele’s family tree. It was a thrill to watch each of them get bitten by the love bug and embrace the women that claim them.

Excellent read and I would recommend this one for your reading pleasure.

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