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Final Episode: Hearts United

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

There were many emotions felt at the onset of this last installment of The Heart Series. The author's intro and outro of this series commanded attention from the first release. It gave us profound storylines, subject matters, and characters. There is no mistake in the talent and the astute way this series was written.

We often refer to Iris Bolling as a prolific writer due to the insight and awareness she offers readers in terms of family, friendships, the government, and political views. I've heard that the inspiration for this series came from the frustration of the administration at the time and it sparked a vision, instead of campaigning for an office, she used words to strategically open the minds of the readers and their way of thinking. Following this series, I've noticed the uncanny way situations found in this series have come to fruition.

Readers note: I don't recommend you read this book as a standalone!


Stand-Alone: No Publisher: SiriAustin Entertainment

Publication Date: October 29, 2020 Genre: Political Drama, Romantic Suspense

Hearts United: Re-Election by Iris Bolling

President Jeffrey “JD” Harrison’s day began with an explosion in a small town, that opened the door to a thirty-year-old plot to take over the presidency. It went downhill from there. His Vice President is abandoning the ticket to oppose him in the upcoming election. A plot to tamper with voting machines across the country has come to light, and there is an enemy within the West Wing leading all the chaos.


On the home front, JD’s wife Tracy, the love of his life, is keeping a secret from him. His once predictable son wants to take a gap year before college to travel around the world with his friends. His teenage-daughter is at odds with his wife, and he discovers his three-year-old son has a special gift, that is literally a threat to national security.

Here’s what JD knows for certain…. Turning this country over to people who would do anything to win, will not do. If they go this far to get into power, what will they do once they have it? He must stop it from happening. The integrity of the democracy of the United States is at risk. He took an oath to protect and defend the constitution. If he fails, the experiment known as AMERICA is in danger. He also knows, with all the craziness, his family is his foundation and he will not allow it to crack.

JD throws everything into the mix to ensure, whether he win or lose, the election will leave the country and his family with Hearts United.

In this labor of love, the author did an amazing job of bringing this series to its epic conclusion.

In the final episode of The Heart Series, the author was tasked to blend multiple families and storylines. She did a great job in engaging the reader by giving those long-awaited answers to questions, revealing some unexpected unions, and a few surprising career paths with the younger generation.

I extend a gratitude of thanks to this author for a memorable series, full of many profound moments and characters that you can enjoy over and over again.


BRAVE is the first wine in our Camille series from our very own Master Sommelier EMILY WINES. Emily draws inspiration from the brave people who move us, from daily acts of kindness to bold stances of historical significance. Driven by style and crafted for the fierce and fearless in all of us, BRAVE is evocative of the unmistakable quality of courage.

Derived from the grapes of Sonoma County, this wine is composed of an elegant varietal of Zinfandel, Syrah, and Mourvedre. Spicy upfront notes, pepper, clove, and star anise. Red fruit is driven, luscious, and bright.

Hints of blue fruit, cassis, and violet. Secondary flavors of tobacco and aromatic herbs. A sweet oak profile that is integrated and balanced.

Pairs beautifully with any savory-sweet grilled or glazed meats.

Book Pair: Hearts United: Re-Election

Just like Hearts United, this Master Sommelier Emily was tasked with bringing together a variety of grapes and masterfully giving Camilla Brave its complex blend. The blend includes: Shiraz/Syrah, Zinfandel, Mourvedre

This is one of my favorite wines from Cooper's Hawk and worth the price tag for me. The first sip offers a full-bodied flavor of dark berries, hints of licorice, pepper spice, and it slowly goes into an oak and leather finish.

I found these two to be the perfect pairing; rich in its ingredients, bold in flavors, and smooth in its presentation.


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