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The Book Bar is making sure that Nate Reigns' privacy policies are followed. Servers are being screened and if they make it through the process, special training has been set up.

More special deliveries just in. Those wines are being tested to make sure they are of good quality and flavor.



PUBLISHER: ‎ Siri Austin Entertainment LLC

PUBLICATION DATE: ‎ July 21, 2021

Genre: ‎ Crime Thriller/Suspense

The investigation into the death of Prosecuting Attorney Alex Burnett leads to the discovery of other crimes which garners huge headlines for the Richmond Police Department.

For the brass, the number of closed cases is a triumph, however, it does not solve the murder of the friend and mentor of Nathan ‘Nate’ Reigns, a detective in the Major Crimes Division. A one-time top criminal defense attorney, Nate uses his insight from his previous occupation to close his cases. No case leaves his desk marked closed until he has filled every hole a defense attorney will use to free their client. Nate vows justice for his friend. That path leads to an organization with plans that will have far-reaching impacts on the justice departments across the country.

A suspense thriller with a twist that leaves you gasping to breathe…The innocent and the guilty have to deal with the Aftermath.





The Book Bar has preselected a few wines that we will be pairing with the Reigns on Crime Series. Today with just 10 days left until the first release in the series--THE AFTERMATH, we are featuring "THE WARDEN" it is from the 19 Crimes collections.

The Warden differs from the others with its more intense characteristics as a full-bodied red blend. It has a higher alcohol content of 14.5%. It is also a bit more costly than the others, coming with a price tag of around $25.

Warden is made from Shiraz and Grenache grapes and is full of richness and complexity.

It displays a dense color and lots of dark fruits and a bit of cocoa on the nose. The sip picks up the same flavors with a bit of licorice. I would say this one has medium tannins and finish.

I believe this is another perfect pair consideration.

Make sure you grab a copy of THE AFTERMATH it is available on all platforms including the author's website


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